If I hadn’t been referred to Troy, then my wife, I, and our baby would probably still be renting a 2 BR apartment in PB listening to college kids blast music and party til 4 am.

I am in sales- heavily commission based, and had just switched companies (although same industry) making it difficult to get my full income qualified to purchase the house we wanted.  I had been pre-qualified by another lender who gave me the typical “no problem, done deal”, but when it came to actually getting the loan done, he failed miserably, stopped returning my phone calls, and avoided me like the plague.  I’ll leave his name and institution out for now, since I haven’t decided if I’m going to blast him on yelp yet or not.

Regardless, one of my good friends referred me to Troy and Troy was very up front with me after identifying where the loan might be difficult to get done.   He went to bat for me and my family and got the loan done in a very professional manner.  He answered his phone, returned calls, was timely, got us a great rate/program, and understood the urgency since we were dealing with a very difficult listing agent.

When I overhear people talking about getting a mortgage/refinancing/buying a home, I go out of my way to try to refer Troy at West Coast Funding.  My wife and I couldn’t have had a better experience in working with West Coast Funding.